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Do you already have pavers installed and want them to be sealed? Power Washing Riverview guys can do the job. We do paver sealing here in Riverview. Sealing your pavers is a good idea for your pavers to look clean and glossy for many years. Florida is a state that welcomes visitors from many places and you would not want your pavers to look ugly. Sealing paver gives it an added protection that is why it is highly recommended. It is an investment that you will surely appreciate.

Walking into those patios that are clean can brighten your mood. Arriving in a driveway that looks new as it before made you relaxed and feel at home. Who would not want to have those experiences?

So if you are still thinking if you should let your pavers be sealed, do it! Call Pressure Washing Riverview and professionals would be there to do the paver sealing job for you. It could be done in less time than you may have expected. That is why it is better to hire experienced professionals to do one job that it might take you hours and hours to make.

There are techniques and tips that you may not know that is needed in the application of sealers. You can read them below so you will have an idea on what should you do before doing the paver sealing service. If you let us do the job, you will not worry about anything as we already know those things and will consider it for your best interest. We know that you want a good investment and that is also our goal. If we do our job right, we can also gain positive feedbacks that would ensure that we will have a customer like you who will trust in our company. We do not deliver promises that will not be able to provide.

So if you want a worry free paver sealing service, make the call to Paver Sealing – Pressure Washing Riverview and feel free to consult about our other services such as gutter cleaning and window cleaning.


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Learning About Your Pavers

Pavers are defined as slabs or bricks that are made of various materials like concrete, clay, porcelain, cobblestone, plastic or rubber. They vary and it is up to you what will you choose for your own home. They are a very good alternative to concrete. They can be used in building many things. They can include decks, driveways, planters, patios, walkways, fire pits, and many more. They are usually used by homeowners to be put in various places that the bricks would be laid down. Pavers also have a feature that makes them apart from the existing styles. There could be the interlocking and slab type of paver. They also come in various sizes and colors. You may think they only look like gray or maroon but you can know that there are many colors you can choose from to be your pavers in your house. It can be slate, tan, gray, beige, red, brown, blue, multicultural, yellow, and purple and many other colors you can choose from.

Now you are done with the choice of your pavers to be installed. You can choose a professional to install one for you or you can just do it. If you have many places to put them in as it would become a part of your house exterior design, you can also have our help. Pressure Washing Riverview gained professional knowledge and experience already in installing pavers.

Paver installation does not end there if you want to add something in it that would enhance its look. You can have them sealed that will be an added protection and for the looks of it. Let us learn more about its benefits. Consider checking also our affordable and high quality services like commercial pressure washing and driveway cleaning.

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Benefits of Sealing Your Pavers

  • It will prevent the growth of weeds in the places that you had put pavers as joints are covered when they are sealed. Weeds then would not be able to survive as they have no room for growth.
  • It can also reduce the growth of moss. Pavers are completely covered by the seal.
  • It will prevent the presence of ants and other insects. This is also good because it is not easy to get rid of ants once they had come into your own home.
  • It covers the joints of pavers thus preventing the loss of sand and the loosening of pavers and occurrence of cracks.
  • It provides protection from the effect of salt. A great benefit and is essential if you live near the sea.
  • Oil, grime, stains, and oil will not be able to penetrate.
  • It will protect the pavers in the effect of bad weather. That is why it will add value to your paver.
  • It easier to clean
  • It will enhance the color of your paver, its texture, and brightness as it will look glossy! That would give the added beauty of your paver.

Tips When Sealing Pavers

  1. You should give some time for the efflorescence to come out before you put the seal on them. It is recommended that you wait for about 4-6weeks before you apply any sealant. Others want to wait for one year. When efflorescence was a trap into the seal, they can show up. Then you need to remove the seal and do it again.
  2. Be sure to remove all weeds found in between the pavers. Sweep to remove debris and excess sand. You can even power wash them.
  3. Do it right at the first time of installation. Choose a sealant that is in good quality so that it would last long and will not require you to reapply again after just a few years. The sealer can discolor if it is a low-quality sealer.
  4. When you only have the roller and not the spray in applying for the sealers, use the sponge roller than the nap roller.
  5. Do not be excited and drive over the newly sealed paver. It is recommended that you wait for about 24 hours before using them.
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